We live in a world of people with so many good intentions and awesome dreams. How come we don’t see so much good happening? Most of them haven’t yet got to that point where they recognize that real stuff isn’t got in one’s dreams. It’s always easier to start, that’s why many people start but very few make it to the finish line.
It is therefore important that before you launch out to do something, first you should find out why others failed and be ready to face those challenges in case they stand in your way. The world won’t benefit from anyone whose good idea didn’t take off. People who spend time talking about how much good they are planning miss out on one thing, execution. You would rather say less and do more.
I know people who are always saying, “my idea was exactly like this or that,” everything seems to be their idea after someone else executes it but how come they never have any products from the idea? How is it that you claim that the whole world is copying you when you have no work to show?

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