About Us

The world all around us is racing at rocket speed. It’s very easy to get caught up in this speed and forget to really live or even to be completely left out because everyone is very busy. Either of these experiences will leave you confused, lonely, empty, depressed, grieved, restless, pressured, and generally unhealthy.
Colour Your Footprints is about helping you to recognize that you need to step back a bit and catch your breath. You need to slow down and be more intentional on enjoying a life of purpose. You need to be at per with yourself. You need to appreciate the beauty around you and best of all, you need to live in a way so fulfilling that you will leave behind positive footprints when your time on earth expires.
Our team is dedicated to walk this journey with you. Together we are building a movement with solely one major assignment; to enable each other to live a colorful life and to leave behind a colorful legacy.
This is what it means to Color Your Footprints.

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