Color your footprints!!!

One may ask, what does coloring my footprints mean? It’s simple but because most people don’t know how, it becomes sooo hard.
I have observed that most people are not able to enjoy a colourful life and equally leave behind a colourful legacy. Some manage to live a colourful life. They drive posh cars, sleep in mansions, run big business ventures, savour great meals and spend time with their loved ones. But then, they forget to establish solid systems that will sustain their families and businesses long after they are gone. They fail to leave an inheritance for their children and generally, let’s just say that they fail to invest into the future. Such people live for the now and fail to plan for what life will be in the next 5 years. They create beautiful memories and die with the satisfaction that they have lived so well except that rarely will honor the rememberance of their lavish lifestyle on their funeral.
I noticed another group of people that spend their lifetime working so hard, building great systems for many generations to build on and influencing many more communities to live a better life. They impact livelihoods greatly through their selfless living. They become everyone’s rock. Such people work so hard to help everyone except themselves. They often die silently in a depressing state while everyone out there believes they are okay. They are very vulenrable to chronic illnesses that result from not having sufficient rest and a good nutrition diet. Once they are gone, their legacy is rich and it lasts for generations. The only misfortune is that such people focused so much on work and forgot to live. They did not invest in enjoying life or even leisure time like the ones that lived a colourful life.
Which of these groups do you fall in? Which one would you choose if it were up to you? Well, at #ColourYourFootprints we believe that it is possible to achieve both. It’s possible to enjoy your life to the fullest and equally leave behind a great legacy. It’s possible even without a million dollars on your bank account although its possible to make more money as well. We show you how…

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