You heard about the story from someone else but you aren’t so sure of the details? Then please don’t say it out to someone else! Keep your mouth shut when you hear about it in the corridors, don’t add a single detail to it for you don’t know much about it.
Everyone else is talking about it? You, my dear still have a choice to make, you could join in to talk about it or recognize how much it’s none of your business and say nothing about it. The people in the story are being judged harshly? Do not join in because honestly if you don’t know the correct details then what makes you think you will pass correct judgment?! Carry on and don’t say a thing about it.
Words are always making rounds; the truth rarely traveling as fast as the lies. You may not hear the truth in the minute you hear the lie. Sometimes the truth doesn’t come through for good. Other times people are judged falsely and they are even brought before the courts of law and condemned to prison.
What if the story you are spreading is pinning down someone who is innocent? What if other people believe it because it is you who has shared it? What if this story was about you? You probably wouldn’t share it especially if you want it to stay private. Well, now that it’s about someone else who has the same feelings as you, don’t you say it!
Lastly, you are sure of all the details but then you know that the story is honestly none of your business? Don’t say it!

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