Every time I watch the movie “TO SAVE A LIFE”…I get this very strong feeling that while we all get busy occupied with solely our damn business, minding about our basic needs and selfish wants and ticking our “make-me-happy” check-lists……someone out there has been betrayed! They are feeling completely left out!!!
Someone out there thought we would be that friend’s shoulder they need to lean on, that one friend who sticks more than a brother….the only one who would never close upon them…and here we are!….. …..unconsciously turning our backs against them because we got a life!
We have found it more vital to secure our self-happiness as opposed to loving God’s people…not even the ones we always told we love…
We haven’t even found it in ourselves to forgive those who hurt us in fact many a time our happiness has thrived on the hurt and pain of others….we struggle to make others jealousy or angered and oh, you think that makes us winners?!….it doesn’t.
What is life about if we cant be there for each other if we cant share and celebrate the beauty in life together?! And yes! We don’t think it’s our fault that some people have no shoulder, are unhappy, and feel worthless?! Well, then whose fault is it?!!!
We just don’t want to love them too even when we know God loves us all…and where exactly in our hearts is the God we proclaim?!
Why do we treat some people like they are worthless, we make them believe they are not worth living…and yes often they have turned out worthless….because we labeled them so. We need to di better, it starts with a mindset change. How about we decide to spread our wings beyond ourselves and shelter others in our warmth?

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