If you aren’t there for your family and friends today, when will they have a chance to rely on you for wisdom and strength? Have you forgotten that you do not have them forever? Be available today.
If you can’t spend a coin on your luxurious needs, when will you eat from your sweat? You say that you will enjoy that great hotel buffet and wear that gold necklace after you have invested enough. Have you forgotten that they will cast lots to share what was yours and enjoy everything you are too selfish to give to yourself? See, you need to tone down the strictness and just spoil yourself sometimes. Do it while you still can.
You swept your singing talent under the rag because you are busy pursuing a professional career? When will we hear your song? Have you forgotten that in the graveyards, the dead do not whistle at all? Utilize your gifts and talents today. Give the world a chance to enjoy them.
You are living in their shadow because they can control you to do it? What happened to create your own footprint? Have you forgotten that God made each one of us uniquely? Escape the mold and unveil your true self now.
Someday the curtains will be rolled shut and someone else will take over the stage. Have you forgotten?

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