Yes, this life we have today is just a phase, it’s not forever. This is why we should do our best not to get so clingy. We came with nothing and we will die with nothing.
You may wonder why I write about death – it is part of life. Everything that is born grows and eventually dies. There is no point in trying to live forever on earth, thankfully it is not up to us to stay or leave. Time is in God’s hands and he knows who goes when.
Some people have tried several times to take their lives but God said to them, “You aren’t leaving yet even if you try.”
Others want to live arrogantly like they will never leave but when it is their time, there will be no delay. The reality is that whether we like it or not, someday the owner of the oxygen we breathe will just take it back without much consultation from us. We didn’t tell him to create us so we have no right to question him.
Every material thing we cling on will be shared amongst those we will leave behind only for them to leave it behind as well someday. Ironic!
Nevertheless, if you can still read this note then you are still enjoying God’s oxygen. Bear in mind that you have an equal chance at death with just about anyone you regard ailing and almost lifeless. That ailing patient in the cancer ward could die first or last. That handsome youthful energetic man jogging across the street could die first or last. We all have an equal chance at death but that’s not all, we have an equal chance at life too. We can all choose to live honorably. We can all recognize that we are humans and treat each other with respect.
It may easily seem like some people find it easier to live a fulfilling life but the truth is it’s a choice. The rich also cry so it’s not about how much money you have. True happiness is not bought. True fulfillment comes from sharing life with others; this is something we can all do. To find meaning in life is a choice we must make and even if we don’t, death is always waiting at the door.
Choose to live colorfully every single second of your life for someday death will clutch at you regardless of who you are!

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