This is one of the most important questions that you must solve earlier on in life. It is very defining in nature, knowing what you want will guide you on where to go in a bid to find meaning for your life, your career, your love life, your education, and generally your dreams and aspirations.
I take the world to be a buffet with so much for us to savor to our fill. If one isn’t sure of what they want, there is always the temptation to heap everything on one’s plate but as they do so, they will realize that there isn’t enough room on the plate for everything. Sometimes the room is done when some really vital dishes haven’t yet been added to the plate; other times, everything spills over because it’s all too jumbled up in a messy way.
First things first, by the time you come over to join the queue, you had better know what exactly it is that you will put on your plate. Think upon it very well, is it something you can chew so well? Won’t it cause you diarrhea? Can you finish the portion you are planning to serve on your plate? Is it okay for you to eat that too? Are there people you need to help to the table before you think about heaping food on your plate? Make up your mind on the kind of plate you will need and when you can have it.
When you eventually pick up that plate to start serving yourself, you better know what it is you are putting on there. Remember, the onus is upon you to eat what you have served to your plate. The world is watching!

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