If you ask me, I will say that living is largely about three things; the food, the mind, and love. In my world? Yes!!! I didn’t add God to this list because that for me goes without mention.
To some, living is being able to breathe in and out, to others life is more than just being able to exhale and inhale. Both are right in one way or the other. Human life starts with breathing. Possessing a blood-pumping heart and a responsive nervous system is where it all begins. This is why part of truly living has so much to do with living healthy. Encouraging yourself to be cautious of which lifestyle habits you adopt especially what you feed your body and your mind on.
What you feed your body determines how many trips you will take to the doctor, what kind of activities your fitness can endure, what your body shape will be, and how much medication you will absorb into your bloodstream over the years. What you feed your mind will influence how you perceive just about anything. It will mold your dreams and aspirations after a certain pattern for an entire lifetime. What your mind feeds on equally determines whether you will have peace of mind or not.
Lastly, to live is to love. Life has no fulfillment anywhere outside of love. You can do it all but if you haven’t opened your heart to give love or even better to fall in love with someone in a romantic sense and jump onto the roller coaster, taking chances in a world where many are nursing broken hearts, you have a missing piece of you. Again you ought to have something you do simply because you are head over heels in love with it, for me, that’s talking, dancing, and writing. For others, It’s painting, for many it’s sports and so much more. Find out yours and fall in love with it.
This is what completes life. The Food, the Mind, and Love.

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