Work for me is not just anything that brings in some dimes for me; No. Work is when I take up the execution of a task that helps to solve a problem for someone in society. I can never be involved in anything money fetching that brings no purposeful impact whatsoever because not even money would satisfy me in such a case.
When I look at the pay I get from work, I consider it as a kind token from the employer or client. Why? Because the impact of the work I do has a value whose positive turn-over is hard to calculate. When counseling a young lady, for example, I am solving problems not just for her as my client but also for her next generation. How? In trying to help her to find meaning in life, I am equally ensuring that her future children will have a better mother and her husband; a better spouse. If these children are raised well then they too will raise their children better. This trickle-down effect helps me not to put my focus on how much I will get paid at the end of a hard day because my true reward is in seeing a positive impact being carried forward over the years all because of the one-step I took to counsel this young lady.
I want to do work whose benefits will outlive me. I want to live colorful footprints in people’s lives. The social impact should be the motivation for all the work we do because it is equally a stunning reminder for us to follow up and ensure that we get results that live beyond us. I dedicate this piece to everyone who is working hard to add value to others; value that goes deeper than any amount of money.

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