Do you know this adage that says we should not cry over spilt milk? Well, some people don’t just cry over it, they try to scoop it up with the hope that if they can milk anything out of the spilled milk then they would still drink that at least. But you, my dear friend, when your milk spills and the glass remains empty, don’t waste time trying to scoop it from the floor because it will carry some dirt and gravel with it. You will equally realize that you can never get back the same quantity of milk you had before it spilled.
The energy you spend on trying to scoop it, you would rather spend trying to figure out how to get another jar of milk. Trust me, there is always another jar somewhere, you could even end up with a whole jerrycan of milk the next time.
This is what moving on is about.
You stop hoping that the past will change and instead invest in securing a better future. You could have been the reason why things didn’t work out but how much longer will you blame and condemn yourself? What will it change? Simply ask for forgiveness from God and from those you have hurt, once you do this, release yourself from the guilt and set your foot on a new path.
You could have been the party that became the victim. Well, you can’t throw pity parties forever. You must get up and move on.
It can be hard but you have to appreciate that you will never take on a new chapter if you do not stop carrying the past forward. You will not get any kind of fulfillment in revenge or resentment. Even if those who hurt you get hurt too, will this mend your heart which they broke into pieces? Even if the circumstances you were raised in were very bad, will that change your story if you continuously hinder your chance to succeed because you feel you don’t deserve much? Your mind will remain clogged until you decide to empty it and start afresh.
I would liken this to God giving you a new truck to fill with new precious memories if the first thing you will put there is the baggage from your past; this means you will hardly have any room for the new stuff. Maybe the reason you are reading this message is that you need to move on, you have been stuck for too long.

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